Seafair has reigned supreme as the ultimate summer event in the Great Northwest and Seattle area for more than 50 years. Seafair is a month long event including family fun activities like the Milk Carton Derby, Torchlight Run & the Seafair Triathlon. It all culminates on August 7th and 8th with the Boeing Air Show and the Albert Lee Cup Hydroplane Race! For the first time in history, Wakeboarding will be showcased at Seafair in The Hyperlite Experience!

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Seafair is nothing new to any Wakeboarder who hails from the Northwest and Hyperlite is both proud and excited to bring Seafair fans a Wakeboard show like no other! Hyperlite Wakeboards was founded on the shores of Lake Sammamish, a stone’s throw from Lake Washington where the Seafair event is held annually. “Being a part of Seafair is special, it’s the biggest event in our backyard every year and you’re going to get the best from Hyperlite, guaranteed” -Greg Nelson, Marketing Manager.

The first annual Hyperlite Wakeboard Experience at the Albert Lee Cup and Boeing Air Show will add an extreme sports element as pro wakeboarding happens directly in front of them 50 feet from the shores, near the South Turn of the Hydroplane course.  Utilizing jet skis as the tow vehicle, Hyperlite Wakeboarders Shaun Murray, Jimmy LaRiche, Jacob Valdez and others athletes will WOW the crowd hitting kickers and performing huge aerial maneuvers. Technical gap sliders will also be in place for the bravest riders to perform more daring stunts.

Helping to pump up the crowd of onlookers a “floating DJ” will be in place behind the event. The south turn beer garden and Seafair Oasis Cabanas are located next to the shore so if you’re looking for a cold drink or a hospitality area for you and your friends for the weekend while seeing hydroplane racing, air show acts and the best Wakeboarders in the world the South Turn is the place to be in 2010.

The goal of the event is to showcase the skills of the best Wakeboarders in the world while enjoying Lake Washington and the Seafair atmosphere! The shows will involve some friendly judging based on crowd noise & expert opinions culminating in a Final Heat showdown Sunday afternoon just prior to the Blue Angels and Hydroplane Race.

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