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The Jambo is an event designed by DJs for DJs, by performers for performers, by riders for riders. Music, art and action sports at The Jambo share the same freestyle attitude, a common and special feeling where creativity and expression come to rise: a lifestyle and experience that involve every aspect of daily life with a genuine and irrepressible charge. The Jambo is the largest freestyle representation of Europe, where the performances of international music, art and sport stars involve the audience in an adrenaline event.

From DJs console to skateboarding vert, passing through the urban areas of street art, dance, parkour, football and basketball freestyle on the ramps of fmx and bmx, and on the wave of surfing and wakeboarding, the event held in BolognaFiere from 14 to 16 June is proud to present you international guests and co-operators. The performances of DJs and groups selected by Alessio Bertallot are the soundtrack of The Jumbo: international stars of the alternative electronic dance such as Major Lazer, Chase & Status, Zeds Dead, 2 Many DJs, Armand Van Helden, Dizzee Rascal and Riva Starr. From the afternoon up to late night, every day you can attend musical performances of the highest level with international artists who have chosen The Jambo as their only required stop in Italy.

Pump up the Jam is the title chosen by Cruisin’ for hip hop dance event in the program of The Jambo 2013. The protagonists are the undisputed stars of urban dance, able to transform the dance in a show and represent a deeply rooted but at the same time evolving culture. Pump up the Jam is an incessant show, an ode to the right and creative challenge, because every b-boy goes beyond his limits, and gets his personal growth. Every day in the arena of Pump up the Jam we presents you 2vs2 battle to elect the best street dancers of different specialties judged by leading figures of international hip hop like Brooklyn Terry, Michael Jackson dancer and member of the prestigious Elitè Force Crew, and Benny and Javier Ninja, pioneers of voguing movement and dancers of the pop star Madonna. The event hosts also twenty crews, the most representative of the European scene, the protagonists of a freestyle exhibition. On Saturday and Sunday, again during Pump up the Jam, takes place the Hip Hop Connection Arena, the most important Italian manifestation of breakdance since 2001 that gathers b-boy and crews from all around the world.

And last but not least, the action sport. The Italian sport freestyle icons are event coordinators of the festival disciplines: Alvaro Dal Farra, for fmx, “Freestyler of the Year” in 2005, founder of Da Boot team, star and judge of the most important contest of the world; Alessandro Barbero, essence of the Italian bmx and athlete to beat in international contests; Daniel Cardone, a legend of global skateboarding; Lorenzo Pinciroli, founder of Da Move team, the basket tightrope walker, leader of football and basket freestyle events all around the world; Riccardo Chemello of Krap crew, Record Man of Italian parkour, and lords of the waves Walter Gianini, anchor point of wakeboarding in global top ranking like Lior Sofer, Nick Davies and Steffen Vollert, and Nicola Bresciani, two-time Italian surfing champion. On the arena of 80 thousand square meters, you can attend performances and battles of international level champions like Tom Pages (France), Dany Torres (Spain), Jose Miralles “El Loco” (Spain), Andrè Villa (Norwey), Josh Sheehan (Australia) and the High Jump World Champion 2012 Max Bianconcini for fmx, other than bmx athletes like Sam Pilgrim, Alistair Whitton and Sam Reynolds (United Kingdom),  and Jean-Baptiste Peytavit (France). Also the skaters group who compete on the vert of The Jambo gather champions at international levels: with Giorgio Zattoni and the young Alex Sorgente, “a seasoned traveller & a skater” – as he likes to call himself – will compete with athletes of the international scene like the Basque Alain Goikoextea and the American Pat Ngoho.

On the playing field of BolognaFiere you can see athlets of the freestyle football, like Dan The Man (Ireland), Michryc  (Poland) and Andrew Hederson (UK), and basket acrobats like Andrew “A2W” Wilding (UK), Brice “Brisco” Coyère (France) and Mike “Evolution” Van Beek (Netherlands), just to name a few. Among the athletes of parkour stands out the names and tricks of Luis Alkmim (Portugal), Kamil Tobiasz (Poland), Jeremy Lorsignol (Belgium), and Gian Marco Oddo and Luigi Lorenzi (Italy). Global surfers like Nico Von Rupp (German), Frederico Morais and Vasco Riberio (Portugal), Othmane Choufani, Roberto D’Amico, Alessandro Piu and Angelo Bonomelli.