Flops or Heels: hahahaha Flops for sure

Skim or Surf: Skim

Dress or Jeans: Jeans

No Grabs or Grabs: Grabs

On A Plane, Isle or Window Seat: Definitely Window seat

Adult Beverage or Ice Cream: Probably a cold adult beverage 😉

Steep Wave or Flat: Right in between

360 or Switch: Switch

Truck or Car: I prefer driving my boyfriend’s truck…. but I own a car!

Romantic Comedy or Thriller: Thriller

Russia or Canada: Russia was nice…. but I prefer Canada!

Ocean or Lake: Lake cause I can put my Enzo right beside my houseboat and live on the water!

Shuvs or Spins: Shuvs

Big Boat or Small Boat: Any boat I can ride behind! 🙂

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 6.04.17 AM