Shoes or flops: Some broken in boat shoes usually do the trick

On a flight, aisle or window: Window, I don’t need those carts bumping my elbows.

Snow or skate: Snow. Wait, maybe skate. I love both but the powder calls my name all winter long.

Call or Text: Text.

Music or Tv: TV

Steep Wake or Flat Wake: Steep wake with a nice defined lip.

Speed Control or Pin it: As soon as I got a GPS based speed control I could never go back.

Regular or Goofy: Regular

Contests or Freeride: Freeride, but I wouldn’t see my competition friends if I never showed up.

Ice Cream or Drink: Drink.

Lake or Ocean: Ocean.

Delta or Costa Rica: Costa Rica. It’s my favorite place in the world.

Shuvs or Grabs: Grabs, big meaty grabs.

Animated film or Romantic Comedy: I’ve got 2 little ones so anytime I can escape animation I’ll take it. Romantic Comedy it is.