Flops or Shoes: Sometimes I like flops, sometimes I like shoes.

Shaping Machine or Plainer: Plainer for the old school ways.

Ocean or Lake: Both, how about a lagoon 😉

Punchy Wave or Flat: Punchy, I like power moves.

Ice Cream or Shake: Shake mixed with some ice cream 🙂

Comedy Movie or Horror: Comedy all day long.

Tacos or Pizza: Tacos please.

Truck or Fast Car: Truck, I like dirt and dirt don’t hurt.

Surf Style or Skim: Both, no wrong way to play in the water.

Airs or Nose Rides: Hmmm, depends on how I feel for the session.

Family or Friends: Both, friends are always family.

Hotel or Camping: Camping any day over a hotel.

Rap or Metal:  I like everything. Espeically sitar music, ha ha ha

Kick Flip or Shuv: Kick Flips are for kids! But I like shuv’s. I like anything progressive.

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