Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 7.54.52 AMÈ

Shoes or Flops: Flops for sure

On a flight, Aisle or Window: Aisle

Snow or Skate: Snow–a powder landing is the next best thing to a water landing 🙂

Call or Text: Text. Unless I’m calling to sing someone happy birthday

Music or Tv: Music 

Steep Wake or Flat Wake: Steep!  

Speed Control or Pin it:In a boat, speed control. In a car, let’s go!  I think I was supposed to be a racecar driver

Regular or Goofy: Regular

Contests or Free Ride: Free ride!  Longer rides and better music 🙂

Ice Cream or Drink: Hold on, I’m finishing my salted Carmel ice cream

Lake or Ocean: Lake. Love the ocean but it’s a long drive from MN

Small Fins or Big Fins (Board): Both fun. I like variety 

Shuvs or Grabs: Grabs!

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