Tige’s 2011 Platinum RZ2 traveled to Canyon Lake to support Wake the World Texas on July 18.  Ryan and Cory Carroll, founders of Wake the World Texas, and their son Cole organized a wonderful event to provide local kids from St. Jude’s Children Home a “day on the lake.” The day started with ice breaker games, and then everyone headed to the dock to load the boats. Once on the lake it was time for fun in the sun, tube riding and a challenging “first ride” on a wakeboard, surf board or knee board. After lunch the boats tied up in the middle of the lake for a group swim. 40 kids and 45 volunteers enjoyed the day on the lake, winding down the event with a great steak dinner.  Gorgeous weather made the day complete and everyone took with them memories to last a lifetime!

A total of 12 boaters volunteered their time and boat to this event and Tige was well represented at Wake the World Texas. Torsten and Ryan Weirch and their 1999 Tige traveled from the Lake Buchanan area, Ryan and Cory shared their 2006 22Ve, and Tige Boats brought the UT orange, Texas-built Platinum RZ2 from the factory in Abilene, TX.

Check out all the pictures from the event at www.facebook.com/waketheworldtx and at www.facebook.com/tigeboats.

Wake the World was created by Tige boat owner, Greg Hodgin in North Carolina and is sponsored by Chatlee Boats, Tige Boat dealership in Sanford, NC.  The Hodgin’s are loyal Tige owners and currently own a 2007 Tige RZ2.  www.waketheworldnc.com.  The goal of Wake the World is to create memories for local residents of children’s home nationwide, by providing them a “day on the lake”. Volunteer boating enthusiasts share their passion of watersports to give local kids a boating experience of a lifetime.

In recent years boating enthusiasts have volunteered their time to organize Wake the World events in North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Southern California.  This year boaters in Kansas City, MO gathered for their first Wake the World and Oregon is currently organizing their first Wake the World event. The goal of the organization is to have a Wake the World event in every state to benefit local children.

If you are interested in bringing Wake the World to your state or would like to support an existing event, contact Greg Hodgin at www.waketheworldnc.com  100% of all funds donated are used for expenses directly related to our events. There is no paid staff, everyone is a volunteer.