HONOLULU (April 2, 2010) – Vertra is proud to announce the addition of wakeboard icon Randall Harris to its star-studded team. In the midst of arguably, the greatest comeback in wakeboard history Randall Harris becomes the first wakeboarder to ride for Vertra.

In action sports there are athletes and there are riders. Randall Harris aka The Vandall is the later of the two. Athletes diligently hone their skills with repetitious training and calculated moves. Riders are blessed with the ability to make their board and maneuvers into a seamless art form that easily captures the attention of observers.

When Randall Harris is riding a wakeboard it is a thing of beauty. He has a reputation of going big, constantly pushing amplitude and style. He rides passionately and effortlessly, commanding the respect of his peers. Fellow pro Shane Bonifay describes Randall as the only rider other pros are awestruck by upon first meeting.

Along with the respect of his fellow pros, Randall Harris has received many accolades from the wakeboard industry. Since emerging onto the scene at 16 years old, Harris has graced the covers of many wakeboard publications. He was named Rider of the Year in 2002 and 2007 by Alliance Wakeboard Magazine– the only person to win this prestigious award twice. In 2007, Harris also won Wake Awards Rider of the Year.

Harris’ mind-blowing approach to wakeboarding has been well documented. He won Best Video Section at the Wake Awards and by Alliance Wakeboard Magazine for “Transgression.” Randall Harris is also praised as having the best video section in Wakeboarding for his section in “Natural Born Thrillaz.”
Vertra Inc was established in 2004. With backgrounds in both the surf and cosmetic industries, the founders felt the timing was right to introduce a premium line of suncare products into the action sports world. After three years of R&D by their world class team of athletes, Vertra’s premiere line launched in the Spring of 2007. Quality is the brand’s top priority and all Vertra products carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Official Seal of Recommendation. Vertra is also the Official Suncare Provider for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, the unified voice of Hawaii’s world-renowned water safety officers. Vertra products can be found in finer surf, snow and specialty shops nation wide and around the world.