Lake Alfred, Fla. (September 18 2015) – After awarding 16 Amateur World Championships yesterday, the pro men and women from the WWA Wakeboard World Series (WBWS) got behind the Supra SE550 today to compete for a top qualifying spot at the WWA Supra World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy.


Riders and their Families continued to enjoy Castelo do Bode Lake from its crystal clear water to the beautiful rolling mountains that surround it along with seeing the world’s best wakeboarders compete with such a beautiful backdrop. The Men’s Professional division was stacked with talented riders from around the globe itching for that top spot into the Semi-Finals. Shota Tezuka of Japan took the first heat win, while rookie and Supra Team rider Cory Teunissen took the second heat win with ease. USA’s Tony Caroll won heat three and Australia’s Tony Iacconi grabbed the heat four win, advancing them all into the next round where they will meet the top six riders in the WBWS standings, who are all prequalified for semi-finals.

“I’m stoked to have won my heat with how stacked the competition is here,” said Teunissen. “I felt very comfortable and relaxed riding behind the Supra SE550. The wake on the SE550 is unmatchable to any in the industry, which makes it so much fun to ride behind.”


In Heat one of the Jr. Pro Division Semi-Finals, Lewy Watt took the win followed by USA’s Robby Holihan and Tyler Higham. In heat two it was Nic Rapa in dominating fashion taking the win and advancing to the finals, along with Elliot Digney and Joey Bartley.


The pro women put on a great show with Nicola Butter, Meagan Ethell and Dallas Friday all winning their heats and advancing to the finals along with Raimi Merritt, Tarah Mikacich and Supra Team rider Taylor McCullough.

Semi-Finalist winner Andres Araya of Spain took home another win, being crowned World Champion in the Masters (30-39) division, while in the Adaptive division, Jesse Deemer rode his way to a World Championship as well.


With the competition level rising for the weekend, the pro men and women World Championships will be anyone’s for the taking, as four pro riders will be crowned “World Champion” tomorrow and will be celebrating at the MTV lake party that will wrap up the weekend.

2015 WWA Supra Wakeboard World Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy – Ferreira Do Zezere, Portugal
Friday, September 18, 2015


Adaptive Standing

  1. Deemer, Jesse               USA      90.00
  2. Bosch, Renato                PTR       56.67

Men’s 1 (19-24)

  1. White, Woody               USA      75.00
  2. Branco, Bernardo          PRT       66.67
  3. Steiner, Cameron          USA      50.00
  4. Mott, James                   GBR      40.00

Masters (30-39)

  1. Araya, Andres               ESP       80.00
  2. Lopes, Francisco            PRT       75.67
  3. Cankar, Nick                   USA      69.67
  4. Phillips, Richard             GBR      54.33


Top three advance to next round.

Men’s Professional – Heat # 01

  1. Tezuka, Shota               JPN       78.00
  2. Twelker, Josh               USA      74.33
  3. Came, Sam                   GBR      66.67
  4. Piffaretti, Massi              ITL         56.00
  5. Adam, Damien               MRI      19.00

Men’s Professional – Heat # 02

  1. Teunissen, Cory           AUS      84.67
  2. Derome, Oli                   CDN      75.00
  3. Powers, Daniel              USA      69.33
  4. Teunissen, Brad             AUS      50.00
  5. Hansen, Trevor              USA      10.00
  6. Yasui, Toshiki                JPN       DQ

Men’s Professional – Heat # 03

  1. Carroll, Tony                 USA      83.00
  2. Smith, Dean                  AUS      77.33
  3. Watson, Shawn            USA      68.33
  4. Siegeie, Parker              AUS      66.00
  5. Cole, Ian                        USA      52.00

Men’s Professional – Heat # 04

  1. Iacconi, Tony                 AUS      87.33
  2. Flegel, Noah                  USA      83.00
  3. Malinoski, Rusty           CDN      79.00
  4. Liesmannm Kirby           USA      65.67
  5. Errington, Adam             USA      62.33


Professional Wakeskate

Top four advance to next round.

  1. Hansen, Reed                USA      87.67
  2. Grubb, Brian                  USA      81.00
  3. Polterrock, Austin         USA      66.00
  4. Hampson, Danny          USA      59.00
  5. Baizer, James                CDN      53.00
  6. Dosta, Enric                   ESP       38.33
  7. Mendez, Cristobal          USA      30.00

Women’s Professional – Heat # 01

Top two advance to next round.

  1. Butler, Nicola                USA      70.00
  2. Merritt, Raimi                USA      60.00
  3. Wilson, Corrie                USA      46.67
  4. Deigoffe, Abby               USA      20.00

Women’s Professional – Heat # 02

Top two advance to next round.

  1. Ethell, Meagan             USA      90.00
  2. Mikacich, Tarah           USA      63.33
  3. Rodriguez, Carolina      MEX     46.67
  4. Morales, Larisa             MEX     33.33
  5. Barker, Megan              GBR      23.33

Women’s Professional – Heat # 03

Top two advance to next round.

  1. Friday, Dallas                USA      90.00
  2. McCullough, Taylor      USA      70.00
  3. Marquardt, Melissa         USA      60.00
  4. Langman, Erika              CDN      50.00
  5. Bryant, Charlotte            CDN      40.00

Jr. Pro Men’s – Heat # 01

Top three advance to next round.

  1. Watt, Lewy                     AUS      80.00
  2. Holihan, Robby             USA      70.00
  3. Higham, Tyler               USA      60.00
  4. Brown, Nicholas             USA      50.00

Jr. Pro Men’s – Heat # 02

Top three advance to next round.

  1. Rapa, Nic                       AUS      92.33
  2. Digney, Elliot                 USA      80.00
  3. Bartley, Joel                  AUS      70.00
  4. Takahashi, Mizuki          JPN       36.67

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