Welcome to Team Aacadia, some of the sickest, most influential and stylish riders in the world today. Assembled by pro riders Mike Ennen , Kevin Henshaw and Silas Thurman , Team Aacadia was assembled to bring you a connection to the team at the front of the line pushing the sport to new heights. Wither it be behind a boat, on a rail and even in a cable park, we have the most influential standard setting shredders on one team.  From Mike’s over 20 years of experience in wakeboarding, to Kevin’s innovative rail designs or Silas’s endless influence on the Wakeskating industry, we have the riders in the spotlight! Keep your eyes open for our expanding team.

Assembled by riders, for riders! Aacadia will get you a front row seat to check out the best riders in the world and keep you up to date on everything that is “wake”. We are going to bring you the sickest videos and photography of what’s up in the wake world. Some killer trick tip exclusives and stats on what the best riders in the world are up to. Make sure you don’t miss anything aacadia brings in front of you from rider profiles, trip videos, Champ Anderson interviews, trick tips, and everything else in between.

We’re changing the face of products in this sport! We are taking the stiff ass suits out of the equation and “offering” not selling products our way. Rider driven, rider influenced is the way we want it!  Bean counters don’t control this industry, the riders and consumers do, so that’s who we’re guided by!

Aacadia, we want you to think of us as an online community for the wake industry. An online community that just so happens to have one of the sickest online stores in the industry.  Come to Aacadia to check out the vids, photos, events and what’s going on with the riders. Use the forums and ask questions, send us a vid looking for help landing your backside 7 or your whirlybird. And if you just so happen to need some gear, check us out… We got the hook up on information to help you make the best purchase possible! The riders have all contributed providing insights on products the other shops can tell you about. Everyone that buys from Aacadia, helps us give back to the sport with newer fresher content on the products as well as events like riding with the pros for a day!

We hope you like what you see and if you don’t, tell us! We’re rider driven and if you’re a rider, you’re who we want to hear from!