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World Wake Surfing Championship®, September 27th – 28th, 2013 Hilton on Lake Las Vegas; Henderson, Nevada

The World Wake Surfing Championship® (WWSC) started out when the Centurion team took a boat called the Wave to San Diego’s Mission Bay to wake surf with the Rusty Pro Surf team around the bay. Five pro riders and an amateur spent the morning trying to out do each other as Rusty looked on. It was a magical morning as a sport that was not necessarily new, got new legs of discovery as the true nature of wake surfing came to light when a sizable boat wake with good shape was used. The pro surfers were amazed by this “endless wave”. This small group enjoyed the camaraderie of good-natured competition enhanced by the magic of discovery. They all realized that this was something that would explode on the water sports scene. On that morning, this small group declared a winner of the First “World Wake Surfing Championship®”. From that day on, wake surfing started to evolve into what it is today. From that day on wake surfing has been at the crest of a growth wave that has witnessed the expansion and dominance of The World Wake Surfing Championship®. This significant event is held each year and champions are crowned. Wake surfing is an inclusive, social, low impact, family sport that is enjoying a huge growth curve. Wake surfboard sales now exceed wakeboard and water ski sales as people realize how fun this activity is.

Event Overview

Athletes from around the world anticipate the 2013 World Wake Surfing Championship® (WWSC), Wake surfing’s premier and most prestigious event. This year the WWSC will take place on beautiful, private Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada; the WWSC will be held in conjunction with the Hilton. The event will take place over 2 days on September 26th-28th, 2013.

The event will begin with qualifying heats on the 27th and finals on the 28th. By nature of the World Series of Wake Surfing the riders invited to compete will have already earned a spot by placing within the World Series of Wake Surfing in 2013. There is a projected 13 global qualifier events around the world.

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