Well, it’s finally happened – Chase is the only original member left in the Condo. Matt left for L.A. on Wednesday, June 8 … so what did we do? We went to the Copper Rocket for some last minute spirits. It’s funny how a night can dance around so many different topics, for example: one minute Sam Ratto and I were talking about love and losing hair and lasering hair off of our bodies, then Chris Heavener and I started talking about paying $2.19 for mid-grade gasoline. We made our way to the dart boards and by the time we got there Sam and I had started a new band. We’re called: Oh By The Way. Our first jam is called “Tony Down”, it’s kind of like doubling down, only more. This is only the beginning of a magical thing. Our first album is going to be called Perfect Individuals. I think we’ve found something very unique. Keep your ear to the ground, ‘cause you just might miss something if you’re not careful. Matt made it safely – I think – good luck Matt and stay strong and watch for offshore winds. Snotty bra! If you could only see me now – I’m throwing a hang loose in your direction buddy.