What’s up, you e-comedians? We’ve got a new giveaway format here at Alliance and we’re going to put you to the funny bone test. Write the funniest caption in the comments section below for this tweaked out photo of Jeff McKee and you could win an awesome prize pack from the folks at Body Glove. That’s right, all you have to do is come up with something that makes us laugh at Jeff ridiculously hard and you’re gonna get some sweet shwag in the mail. The winning caption will be featured in the July issue of Alliance. If you want to win we advise that you post a comment through your Facebook profile so we have means of contacting you in case your caption is selected as the best. Get limber and good luck!

"Just be glad I'm not naked..."

“Just be glad I’m not naked…”


Contest sponsored by Body Glove, which means you could win these!

– Prime neo top

– Vapor X boardshorts

– Vapor pullover vest

12145_Prime_LA_Top_BSIL_F BodyGlove_Men_VaporX_B#7FE6 Men_Vapor_PUR_F