What have you been up to this winter?
I have been working back home a little bit at Sesitec moving into their new warehouse and snowboarding. The snow has been really bad in the Alps though so I worked more than snowboarded this year.  The snow was good in the states but I did’t have time to make it over, maybe next year.

Yeah we’ve had a pretty good season out west.  How long ago did you get into Australia?
Me and Steffen came the beginning of February and have been down at Penrith riding and shooting.  They have my signature Unit rail there so I got to ride and film on that for the first time. Steffen also had to shoot with Aaron Gunn so it was good riding with him.

What’s been your favorite part of Australia so far?
It’ just been fun going up the coast with Steffen in the car. We stopped in at our friend Flax and surfed and hung out for a few days. Byron Bay was so sweet too. It’s a young town so everyone there is like hippies and just down for whatever. We made it up to Bli Bli for a few days and then are helping Mitch install his new System at his property.

You going straight home after that to start your season?
No, we are going to bali for a week to have a holiday and then I’m going home. It’s been nice having a break but it feels good to be back wakeboarding this year.

What are your plans for this season?
After this trip I’ll be home for awhile just riding and trying to shoot as much as I can before the contest starts like Wake of Steel, Wake the Line, and some other ones. I’ll probably head over to the States for the Jamboree again at Shredtown and winch around Texas for a bit. Back home has a lot going on so during the summers I like being home.