T.I the wakeboarder, not the rapper. photos: rutledge

You got a new sticker on your board towards the end of the season, what’s it like riding behind a G everyday now?
Riding behind the Nautique G23 every day is incredible. Knowing I have the biggest and best wake ready to roll makes it very easy to go wakeboarding, haha.

You took your health and fitness more serious last year, was that a big help in consistently making it on top of the podium?
I changed my whole diet and training program for the best last year and it worked great. I trained and did everything I physically could do during the week so when I got to the weekend of competing I had no excuse to ride as best I could possibly ride.

What’s your plans going into the 2017 season?
This year I want to go into the season fit, healthy and keen! I’ve got some goals this year that I’m really going to work hard at making happen. I also really want to try and do more photo and video shoots when I can, so I can be noticed more of a contest rider and free rider mixed together, not just a contest rider. Riding well and doing well in competitions is awesome don’t get me wrong but I want be able to look good in front of the cameras as well as do good in the contests. So I’m really going to try make that happen this year.


What 3 tricks do you want to learn this season?
Doubles behind the boat is the next thing I need and want to learn. I’ve got close to a couple but really want to knuckle down and try and get it in my contest pass. As far as 2 other tricks I’m not to sure, I would like to do a few of the tricks I’m already doing and take them to the flats to set myself apart from every other rider on tour. It definitely helped last year going bigger on a few tricks.

Do you plan to film for another season edit this year or just focus on contest?
I definitely want to try and get another web edit out there this season, I got a lot of positive feed back from the last one I did with Taylor Hanley “Groovy Tony”. So if I can shoot with him again and try and film for a bit longer that would be sick!