Here are some photos of C.C. Roberts and Phil Kerr, two of the most inspirational guys I have ever met. Last week Phil and his girlfriend Jodi  drove all the way down to Orlando from the great white north we call Canada to get the chance to ride with the veteran C.C. and hang out with best friend and projects ripper Chris Salteski.  Phil had not been on a board in six years {since being in the chair} but you couldn’t tell from the way he was riding. He got up on his first try with the legend himself Scott Byerly giving him his first pull. Not a bad way to start. By the end of the week Phil was doing deep water starts every time, getting into the chair on his own, almost clearing the wake behind the sea-doo and even charging the rails at the Projects. It was pretty unreal to watch how fast he was picking everything up. C.C. as always was ripping and watching the two of these guys interact and feed off each other was incredible. It was a wild week; we even got the chance to get our minds warped by the magic of the Cirque du Solei. That place is wild, really wild. To put a cherry on the top of Phil’s Orlando cake on the last day he was in town the Bonecrusher himself invited the crew out for some riding behind his boat and relaxing at his home. Rusty and Phil even took a double set in which Rusty launched while Phil had the best possible view to see the madness.

Phil and C.C. are true heroes whose courage and dedication to ride is stronger than anybody’s. These guys are serious about their pursuits and through their bravery and will have truly shown that nothing is impossible and the sky’s the limit. C.C. sold Phil one of his chair mounts so Phil can continue to push his riding up in Canada. No doubt you will continue to see more of these guys in the future, as Phil said “I’m going to see how far I can push this thing.” Hell yeah.  These guys also both have websites that everyone should check out. Phil has started an action sports clothing company called Twisted Mounty and his website is C.C.’s site is and is dedicated to help push disabled sports. Check them out.