Centurion Boats – Merced, CA:  Development began in January of 2007 on a new color configurator with the collaboration of Centurion key personnel and Channel Blade Technologies. Known for their advancement of the online experience for dealerships and retailers in the marine industry, everyone was excited at the opportunity ahead. After months of exchanging images and data, it was clear and both sides agreed, reinforcement would be necessary to tackle a project of this magnitude. A third firm entered the equation to complete the configurator. Teknision brought an abundance of knowledge and expertise perfected in the automotive industry to create a color configurator we are all extremely proud to post on the Centurion Boats website.

With a dozen in-gelcoat graphic packages available in 16 vibrant gelcoats and with 10 metal flake accents to choose from, deciding how to colorize your next Centurion can make your mind spin. But now, let the fun begin and the wheels spin until you have created just the righ color combination that makes your heart stop using the new Centurion Configurator.

Get started today in five simple steps! You can build the boat of your dreams using color combos you may have never imagined before. The configurator gives you a true preview of the exterior gelcoat options, interior vinyl color sets and even the welt accent colors available for every model.
Start by choosing the series and specific model you would like to build in Step 1.

Step 2 illustrates the various in-gelcoat graphic packages available for the model you have chosen.

Let your creative juices run loose in Step 3 as you cruise through the color options creating the perfect combination.  

Finalize your color configuration in  Step 4 by sending it to the nearest Centurion dealer.

Step 5 displays a summary of your very own custom Centurion and allows you print and email it to your friends.
So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Visit www.centurionboats.com, or follow this link to the Centurion Configurator now to begin building your next dream boat!