Cutting into the wake
For this trick I like to use a wider cut and hold a progressive edge all the way through the wake. The key throughout the whole trick is going to be handle placement and body position, and that starts with a solid, progressive edge with the handle tight to your lead hip.


Getting the pop
Make sure you keep both hands on the handle and give it a tug as you pop off the top of the wake, so that you can keep it close through the trick.



Rotating the 180 (and then some)
Pull the handle from your lead hip to your back hip as you rotate the 180. In reality your legs and board will be doing a 270 rotation in order to get a proper switch method grab. As your hips are rotating bring your legs up to help you get the method grab and be in a proper method position.


Getting the switch method grab
While you’re rotating your hips and legs to get into a good method position, you’re also going to be letting go of the handle with your back hand, while making sure your front hand keeps it tight to your back hip. With your back hand free and your hips and legs rotating into the method position you can get the grab pretty easily. It helps (and looks better) if you poke your back leg out.




For the landing you will basically be landing as if you were doing a normal toeside 180, you’ll just unwind 90 degrees from doing the switch method, spot your landing, and stay centered over your board. If helps if after the grab you can switch the handle to your now lead hand. Keep it in close to your hip still so it’s easy to make that switch, and so you have some absorption with your arms as you land.




Three Keys:

  • Strong body position and a progressive edge with both hands on the handle
  • Keep the handle in tight all the way through the trick
  • Poke your back leg (it will look like your front leg after doing the 180)