gordonharrison3 - rodrigo

photo by Rodrigo Donoso

Name: Gordon Harrison
Age: 18
Hometown: Lake Caroline, VA
Stance: Regular
Years Riding: 10 



Alliance: If you could ride with any pro today whom would you ride with?

GH: Probably Parks Bonifay because I have a lot of respect for him and it would be sick to just to shred with him.



A: Where do you normally ride?

GH: My home lake named Lake Caroline.



A: What’s the best place you’ve been able to travel to for wakeboarding?

GH: Probably Discovery Bay, California to ride on the Delta with the Twelkers. Riding there was so sick. The vibes are awesome and it’s a lot different from home so it’s really cool to ride there.



A: What was the first wakeboard video you owned?

GH: Shafted. I thought it was the coolest video when I was growing up. I was always so stoked to go ride after watching it.



A: Any plans on moving to Orlando to pursue pro wakeboarding?

GH: Yeah I’m actually moving onto Lake Jessamine and will be riding there all winter. I’m pretty stoked to have a somewhat warm winter and wakeboard year round.



A: What’s your school situation these days?

GH: Well I just graduated high school and will be going to Valencia Community College this winter.



A: Do you have any famous relatives?

GH: No. At least I don’t think I’m related to the presidents with the last name Harrison if that’s what you guys were wondering (laughs).



A: If you could only have one car for the rest of your life what would you have?

GH: Probably a Nissan Skyline. That’s a tough question (laughs).



A: Who is your dream girl?

GH: Easily Kate Beckinsale.



A: Is Virginia really for lovers, and what’s the deal with Virginia hams?

GH: (laughs) Um, I guess that’s the motto. I can’t take anything away from the lovers. And I have no clue about the hams. I guess we put love in our hams too.



A: Your Facebook page says you work at Subway, is that true? What’s your favorite sandwich?

GH: I did work there. I went for the sponsorship, but it didn’t work (laughs). Looks like I need to update my Facebook page. I like the pastrami but they only sell it at certain times of the year.



A: What’s your favorite Internet acronym?

GH: OLLI dude! (One Life, Live It)



A: Whom would you like to thank?

GH: My sponsors: Liquid Force, Centurion, O’Neill, Smith Optics, Overton’s, Ski Center, and BG Products. Also my parents, brother, and friends for all of their support on and off the water.