Pierce’s idea of a backyard playground.  Photo: Rutledge

Name: Pierce Dominicus Bishop
Birthdate: March 25, 2003
Wakeboarding since: 2012
Stance: Goofy
Hometown: Atlanta, GA


AW: How were you first introduced to wakeboarding?
PB: We were out on a boat with my dad’s friends and they had a wakeboard so I decided to try it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

AW: What’s it like having an older brother to ride with?
PB: It’s fun because I get to travel with him and hang out with all his friends. It’s awesome riding with older people who push me to focus more on style rather than learning the hardest trick.

AW: Who is your usual riding crew in ATL?
PB: Callaway Ford, Grant Alexander, Logan Gates, Cole Vanthof, Justin Lee and Cole Parkhurst; and my bro Blake Bishop.

AW: What keeps you busy when you’re not riding?
PB: Skateboarding with friends and snowboarding in North Carolina keep me busy in the winter when it’s too cold to ride. I also play a lot of PS4 if I’m not out riding.

AW: What’s it like having a private cable?
PB: It’s fun because we can shoot skeet, ride dirt bikes on the track, go fishing and more. There aren’t any rules on the property so it’s always fun to be there.

AW: What’s it like to almost be the same size as Oli Derome?
PB: I’m not the same size as Oli, I’m taller! (laughs) Oli is awesome to ride with though cause he’s always pushing me to try stuff..

AW: What is your favorite cable park?
PB: Next to ours, which we call the #btowncompound, would be Terminus and VWC (Valdosta). They are a lot of fun to go ride at. Terminus is close to my house and VWC has really unique rails.

AW: What is the best nickname someone has given you?
PB: Spanky. I used to be called Squeaker, then it just turned into Spanky and it’s stuck.

AW: Any thanks you’d like to send out?
PB: Jason at LKI Clothing and Jeff McKee at Slingshot. Also, Bryan Magaldi for supplying me with fresh clothing and boards and my parents for letting me skip school to wakeboard all the time.