I am in the midst of a road trip with Kyle Walton, Tim Kovacich, Silas Thurman, Funky, the winch driver, and Josh, the filmer, through the lovely southeastern portion of this country. It’s been an eventful trip and I will have a full report with photos soon. But for now, the short version. We’ve been on the road since Friday night and haven’t wakeskated once, but we’ve had the cops called on us (at least) twice. We have slept in moving vehicles, parking lots, the bed of a Uhaul, over-priced Econo Lodges and even tried to sleep at a correctional facility for underage girls. Most of what we were counting on, such as having winches, places to stay and a working van, hasn’t happened, but we’re making the best of things.

We finally made it out of Georgia and are hanging out in College Town, Tenneesee. Actually, I think it’s called Murfreesboro, but I feel like I am back in Bellingham where I spent my collegiate years. I am not complaining! We are really excited because we are currently sitting on FURNITURE, have access to ELECTRICITY and even better, can get on the INTERNET!!!  I never knew moldy bathtubs, dirty kitchens and worn out couches could feel so luxurious.