Delta Sessions 2 (DS) – The Summer of Style

Official Press Release

“Style… Style is everything to me… If you aren’t riding for style than you aren’t really riding for yourself.” Those few words were spoken from Josh Smith and it truly sums up what this film is about.  Finally a film focusing on style over stunt and the simplicity of wakeboarding over the “hardest” tricks.  The riders in this film choose to focus on the purity of the more and how to make it your own rather than doing a trick because its cool. After two hard years of planning, shooting, editing, accidents, we are proud to present Delta Sessions 2.

We bring you over 50 riders and 75 minutes of pure wakeboarding bliss. Also included a 16-song soundtrack filled with music that will not only inspire you to ride, but also remind you of your favorite riders section. All of the artists involved in the making this movie are just as hungry as the riders to show their individuality and style. Artists like Tef-Kaluminati, Lavish Green, Depswa, Transport, Fissure and The Expendables, blend together to create a powerful yet unique mix which promises not to disappoint.

From the classic feel of a perfectly poked out stalefish grab to his signature wrapped 5’s, Josh Smith once again proves that he has achieved legendary status. Though Mike Schwenne had been busy with his camp, he comes out firing and offers an amazing display of fluidity that is truly his own. You have seen him a ton in the magazines this year and Derek Cook throws down with a ton of huge tricks and his own West Coast flavor. Brady Sammons is back after two knee surgeries, to prove to the doctors that you can’t stop him. Collin Wright shows off his unique silky smooth riding on the wake, skate and snow. JD Webb and Aaron Rathy’s trip to California will prove why they have been touted as two of the young guns of the future. Both guys combine huge slow spins and technical mobes, but take every chance possible to goof around and we bring their entire trip to you in two amazing sessions. Sean O’Brien comes in fresh from Florida with his own version of style. Crazy technical maneuvers and huge grabbed spins hardly sum up his riding. In the signature trip, we take you to an isolated lake carved out by a glacier for an awe-inspiring Nor Cal throwdown; Daniel Doud, Derek Cook, Brady Sammons, Brodie Chaboya and Aaron Aubrey share in a week of double ups amongst 100-foot pine trees and crystal clear water. The scenery is truly amazing and the Nor Cal guys take full advantage of the scenic beauty.

The bonus feature is packed full of up and comers. Many of the top West Coast riders join us including the Valdez Brothers, Jacob Locken, Kevin Bird, Chris Dykmans, and many more. Also included is a section of young style hungry groms and girls.

DS2 is a movie that focuses on the style and the fun of wakeboarding, which has not been see for many years. After all when was the last time you bought a wakeboard video that was over 40 minutes of pure wakeboard, which including a full soundtrack disc?

The video will be available at all major shops and online retailers in around May 1. and will be offering pre-orders this week.


Jason Buffalow
Sean Branecki