Memory of riding: Seeing Shane Bonifay editing Incomplete back in the day and being pumped!

Wakeboard: LF Mini Squirt

Sponsor: Performance Ski & Surf

Car: 08 Nissan VERSA

Trip to the emergency room: Ran into a table (full speed) when I was 4

CD: I have a feeling it was a Green Day CD, but I also have a feeling I’m wrong

Contest win: ’03 Junior Boys Nationals

Trick you start a wake set with: Stale roll to blind

Roommate in Orlando: @gunnarshuler and @dannytholander

Cablepark you ever rode: Owc

Girlfriend: Megan C

Autograph you signed: Pretty sure LF let me stand around their tent in around 05. Someone probably received my first attempt at a sig then haha


Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.44.51 AM

Photo: Meddock