Murray, constantly clowning around…Pic: Cortese

Tell Alliance about Your First:

CD you ever purchased: Arrested Development (remember the song Mr. Wendel?)

Injury from wakeboarding: Hard to remember but I think it was a broken finger when I stabbed the board after a Whirly Bird off a double up.

Check you ever cashed from wakeboarding: 1995 Cincinnati Open.

Song you play when you jump in the car for a cruise: Most anything by Elmo.  I’ve got kids.

Mobe you learned: Heelside back mobe.

Free wakeboarding gear you ever got: A pair of elastic waistband shorts from HO at the ST. Louis Waterski tour, and a Hyperlite sticker which I put on my Volkswagon Bug. That same car eventually ended up as part of one of my early pro model graphics with HL.

Rider you saw do a 720: Corey Pickos in the magazine WAY back in the day…It was probably one of the first ever wake magazines.

Wake video you can recall owning: I can’t remember the name but Tony Finn was carving around on the Skurfer getting awesome (just like his hair at the time). The video was out right around the same time of “Gettin’ Dizzy with Mario Fossa.”

Experience drinking adult beverages: So young that I don’t remember, but my older brother gave me a sip of something gnarly like Vodka.  I remember saying that it tasted like it should be for cleaning engines.  I think I was about 9.

Fight you ever got into: 3 grade, after school, with Terry Tuzzalino.  It was me, him and two girls.  Not sure what it was about.

Time winching: Milwaukee boat show with Ryan Davis and Step Up Productions.

Autograph you signed: ’95 World Championships in Altamonte Springs.  I asked if they were serious?

Pro you ever rode with: Darin Shapiro in ’92.

Photoshoot: After qualifying into the final round at the Portland Tour stop in 1995, Wakeboard magazine took shots of Charley Patterson and myself.  We were the new kids in town.  We both rode, doing our tricks and what-not  and I did one deep water start where I got up backwards (just goofing around).  They ran the sequence of “How to do a submarine start.” So, technically, my first shot in the mag featured my backside.