Its cold, its windy and schools back in session. The boats are put away and the bikini clad babes are covered in parkas. It’s the inevitable time of year we all dread, the off-season. Although the season is over not everyone is over wakeboarding. Some people crave the butter and others can’t wait to get boosted high in the sky. I live in Orlando, so the its never really too cold to wakeboard, but it sure does stink. Here are some helpful tips to get you through this off-season and back on the water faster then ever.

The Internet 

Check daily. I promise to keep the videos coming. Its never too cold to sit back and watch your favorite rider’s shred.

Search the web for all the new 2012 gear. All the wakeboard companies are displaying their new 2012 gear proudly. Start researching and start saving for your next shred stick.

Check out Even if its not wakeboarding, its probably going to be pretty cool.

Start an Instagram and get creative with your camera phone. Maybe follow me @Wielandp (sorry had to)?

Search music websites for sweet wakeboarding songs. Make your 2012 wakeboard playlist.

Keep an eye out for information about 2012 BROstock!

Finally edit all the footage from this past summer of you shredding.

Buy Nosia Vision when it comes out this winter.

Buy DEFY when it drops this month.

Real Life

Get a job and save up some money to wakeboard all next summer.

Buy a sweet road bike and ride like the wind. Stay in shape for next season.

Find a girlfriend to keep warm with this winter, but loose her next summer. Wakeboarding>Girlfriend drama

Fix up your boat. Clean her up, install a new sound system.

While you’re  at it clean up your ride.

Do anything now that will allow you to wakeboard more in the summer.

Plan the sickest rail ever built.

Buy a wetsuit and head to your nearest cable park.

Dream Life

Book a ticket to Thailand in January for 2 weeks to film and shred at Thai Wake Park (actually happening and you’re welcome to come).

Jump on the greyhound for Orlando. Go to OWC and ride with the pros.

Go on an insane surf trip. Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, etc. (Hopefully happening).

Find a piece of property with water and buy a System 2.0 to ride behind next year.

Rent a house in South Florida and ride all winter.

Dream and dream some more…..

So there it is a short and sweet guide to getting through this off-season and back into the season next year. It’s going to be a tough road but together we can make it. Keep on checking the site, I promise you there is going to be some awesome videos this winter…