Have you ever…

Been attacked by a Kangaroo?
Kinda. I shanked a ball on a golf course towards a mother and Joey. She started growling like a dog… Gnarly!!

Hunted an animal?
I’m too scared of karma. I bet someone would reverse into my car if I killed an animal

Held a Koala Bear?
Ha! I don’t think so! Surely when I was a kid??!!

Beat up a Kiwi?
Yeah, but Weatherall was asking for it.

Gotten pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road?
Not yet. It’s a constant battle to remember what side of the car to get in though when I’m driving.

Sunk a boat?
Yes. Tip for everyone… Make sure you close the valve on the flushing tap after use.

Stage dived?
No, but Wakestock is coming up, so who knows!

Sang your national anthem in public?
Well yeah, at sporting events etc. Australia needs a revamp of our anthem though, because to be honest, it’s a really boring anthem.

Won a competition besides wakeboarding?
No, but you’re never to young to dream.

Been knocked out?
Not today! I’ve killed some serious brain cells over the years though.

Ridden in an ambulance?
Not since I broke my collarbone playing rugby. They give you a morphine whistle which is little stick of good times!

Been puzzled by the contractive tendency of the surface of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force?
No, that doesn’t happen in Australia.

Cried in a movie?
Come on…We’ve all seen the Notebook.

Had to tell a girl to back off because she’s a close talker with bad breath?
No. The only close talker I know is Chad Sharpe, and I’ve definitely had to back him up because of the golf ball of chew in his mouth.


Dean boosting in the latest GoPro edit by Patrick Wieland.