Earlier this semester, Armain Austin from Red Bull presented me with a great opportunity. He told me that he wanted to work with me on putting together some contests or events to progress the sport of wakeboarding. Because I have been so busy at school and haven’t had much time to spend on the water, I decided to bring the water to the school. On May 6, 2008, Sacramento State got its first taste of what the wakeboard team does when we are not studying in the library. While everyone else was partying at the West Side Spring Ride, my good friend Jacob Locken and amazing boyfriend Daniel Doud and I spent the weekend buying materials, fixing the pools, and building the most epic school rail jam in the history of Sacramento State.

The whole team came out on Cinco de Mayo and passed out flyers and helped set up the pools and the rail. The hardest part about the set up and the most expensive was the ramp that went from the start pool to the landing pool, but after Tuesday’s events, the ramps were a total necessity. Tuesday couldn’t have gone any better. We started the sessions around 11:00 AM and went until 4:00. Red Bull totally hooked us up with all of the supplies to build the rail, a sick DJ, and free drinks! At any given time we had at least 100 people in the crowd, and when classes got out we had somewhere in the vicinity of 400-500 students stoked on the event. We had a lot of students who didn’t even know that Sacramento State had a Wakeboard Club, so we look forward to growing the club and progressing the sport. Thanks to all of those who helped set up, especially Daniel and Jacob for working so hard!