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The sequence has arguably done more for wakeboarding and wakeskating editorially than anything else. Showing a trick from start to finish brings it to life and really allows the reader to experience it on a different level. Plus, where would the instructional sections be without sequences? To put it simply, 8 frames per second of shutter-button mashing index fingers have changed the way the sports are seen and perceived. Here are some of the best sequences we’ve had sent to the mag recently – and the stories behind them.

Rider: Nick Taylor
Trick: Switch frontside flip
Photographer: Garrett Cortese

 “Nick and I had been talking for months – maybe even a year – about me getting out to his place to do some shooting. I finally made it up for a night and was able to shoot a bunch with Nick and Ben Horan.

Nick started out doing some tricks down the first gap at his setup and I started shooting a bunch of different ways. At one point I threw on a fisheye lens to get up close to see how it would look. The sky was pretty gray and cloudy that evening, so I wanted to separate the action from the background as much as possible by getting close to the action.

We got a sequence of a back bigs where Nick basically went right over me and it looked rad. Then he started trying some switch frontside flips. After looking at the first attempt we noticed there was too much spray in the shot and you couldn’t see what was happening, so I changed the angle and got a bit higher and had Nick jump past me. He nailed about four or five of these in a row and this is the one we both liked best.” – Garrett Cortese

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