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Alliance: What exactly is a “Stateamind”? It’s not in the dictionary. Are you trying to get in our heads?
Stateamind Water Sports: Nope, just in your wallet (laughs). Kidding! A great day out on the water puts you in a perfect Stateamind, doesn’t it? It’s all about your Stateamind!

A: Okay, let’s get to the meat. When did the dealership open?
SWS: In 1995 with three boats and a dream. We’ve come a long way since then; we’re proud to have gotten thousands of people out having fun on the water over the years!

A: The Midwest has a huge boating community. How does Stateamind stay at the top?
SWS: We have an amazing team with tons of great ideas. Aside from bringing the best products available to the people, we’re constantly growing and innovating. And we have a real knack for putting on some rad events and staying in front of the water sports community!

A: You guys have a pretty sweet deal with your local Fox News station. Tell us about that.
SWS: That’s right! THE STATEAMIND AQUAFOX. The local Fox News affiliate and Stateamind teamed up to bring St. Louis breaking news from the water in a tricked out Axis A24. As far as we’ve heard, we’re the only dealer in the country to do something like this.

A: So you’re a Malibu and Axis boats dealer. Why did you choose those boat lines and do you carry any other boats?
SWS: We feel like Malibu and Axis are leading the industry with their product innovations. The new stuff they come out with just blow our minds. We also recently obtained the dealer rights for Flyboards, which are basically powered wakeboards.

A: Being that you’re located in St. Louis, you have access to some of the best lakes in the country. Which lakes do you find more appealing for you and your customers?
SWS: We’re very lucky to be located where we are. Not only do we have some great local waterways right in our backyard, we got some incredible regional lakes too. Some favorites are Lake of the Ozarks, Bull Shoals, Table Rock, and Lake Springfield.

A: Stateamind likes to party, especially at BROstock, what’s the dealerships involvement with BROstock?
SWS: In addition to being the local Axis dealer and bringing the boats to BROstock for the past three years, we support the “hole-in-one, win a boat” hole at the charity golf tournament. We haven’t had a winner yet, so we think this year is it. Good luck, Bros!

A: Do you partner with any other wake events in the area?
SWS: Absolutely! The Midwest NightFLY is a great new water sport event in the St. Louis area that we’re excited to be a part of. Stateamind is also going on tour this summer, giving lessons, clinics, and pulls from Kansas City all the way to Springfield, IL. Coming to the water near you!

A: What about the board shop? What brands will we find in the shop?
SWS: Our top of the line proshop has the latest and greatest selection of Hyperlite and Liquid Force product in the area.

A: And you have an online store? How long has that been around?
SWS: Our online store has been active for about 10 years now, bringing our product to people both near and far.

A: What’s the most gratifying part of a day’s work at Stateamind?
SWS: There’s nothing like delivering a new boat to a family and making their dreams come true. Eyes light up, there’s an amazing energy in the air – it’s magic.  Sharing the boating lifestyle with others is hands down the best part of our job.

A: How much would we have to pay you to ride on the Mississippi in front of the Arch?
SWS: ONE MILLIONNN DOLLARSSS!  Nah, honestly we’d do that for free. Seeing the Arch and the downtown skyline from the water is a beautiful sight.

Stateamind Water Sports
122 Ford Lane
St. Louis, MO