Have you ever been in the middle of some raffle because someone gave you a random ticket? Well, that’s what this is all about, but this raffle was predetermined by the office hierarchy and went something like this:

Big Pants: “Hey, intern”.

Intern: “Yes, all mighty cool guy”.

Big Pants: “You need to drive to Lake Powell today and pick up our skis”.

Intern: “Ah, my dad said I have wash his car today”.

Big Pants: “If you want that autographed poster of Tony getting his spring break tattoo you have to leave right now.”

Intern: “I’ll see you tomorrow with the skis”.

Being the good lads our interns are, they left without hesitation. Unfortunately for them they could only wear clothes from Chase’s 80s collection. How far will an intern go to get an autographed poster of Tony Smith? Almost anything – they’ll even drive through fire.

The good people of Lake Powell were kind enough to donate two bitchin’ skis to the Starving Wakeskaters of America club. Lake Powell believes all wakeskaters should have the opportunity to get into wakeskating at a fair price. We thought that was a good idea so we’re going to cash in some favor chips and deck these baby’s out. When we’re all done we’re going to have a readership contest. The reader who can guess Tony Smith’s real age will win these two sweet beauties. Let the games begin…