I just spent the past five days with members of the O’Brien team in Priest River, Idaho. Despite the name Priest River, we were actually on the Pend Oreille (pronounced Pon-Dur-Ay … yeah, French) River. The Craig family, of which Northwest O’Brien rider Chris is a member, kindly (and probably unknowingly) opened the doors of their sweet summer home to 20-some-odd hooligans for five days.
    Team riders Perry Richmond, Sean O’Brien, Nick Ennen, Jonathan Nadolski, Brent Star, Bret V, and a handful of others were on hand for the long days of    riding. And the evenings were filled with bonfires, some guitar courtesy of Perry    and Ian Udell, and some serious marshmallow roasting. A new religion may or may not have been started based on the childhood campfire treats, but that’s a different story.
    Some gnarly stuff was thrown down on the 70-foot A-frame slider that was built over the Craig’s backyard, and Sean O’Brien made a little piece of history during an impromptu double up contest on the last day. If you want to find out more about the O’Brien adventures in northern Idaho you’re gonna’ have to keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming issue of Alliance.