Well, the weather has finally changed (at least in Florida) and the season is officially upon us. Sorry for those of you still in the midwest where it has been snowing for the past couple days. We aren’t sure why you still live there. At any rate, 14.4 is busting at the seams with relevant, captivating content that will kindle your stoke for the upcoming season. Somehow Trever Maur has time to grab a cover shot while simultaneously directing a full-length wake film to premiere this spring (“Al Sur”). Thanks to Rodrigo Donoso for the snap.



Garrett Cortese put it perfectly when he said, “Josh hasn’t said a whole lot vocally the past few years, but his riding has been screaming from a mountaintop.” Check out Twelker’s 20 Questions Feature and learn a bit more about a reserved, introspective kid who is having a significant impact on the sport as a result of his unique style and creativity. This uniqueness has helped him snag three magazine covers before being able to drink a beer (legally).



We realize that your time is valuable and that more and more electronic mediums are demanding your attention. That’s why we’ve created the “No Filter” features. For us, these short, unadulterated interviews represent the pinnacle of relevant content. We really think you’ll enjoy the unfiltered version of what each of these riders has to say. In this issue, you’ll hear from the following: Nick Taylor, Steel Lafferty, Danny Harf, JD Webb, Scott Stewart, and Aaron Reed.



While we all know that wakesurfing has taken our industry by storm the past several seasons, how can we expect it to continue to evolve/grow in 2014? Our Wakesurf Editor, Josh Sleigh, answers that question and offers some important advice to those just getting comfortable on the endless wave.



Without question, the Alliance Adaptive Days feature is one of the best and most unique we’ve ever put together. Thanks in large part to Danny Hampson, who was already friends with several of the participants, we were able to organize a few days of February shredding for some of the best adaptive riders in the game. The four riders who made the three-day event possible were Will Speed, Chuck Wesson, Sheree Perez, and Phil Kerr. Take a few minutes and see what the aforementioned riders can do behind the boat and the System 2.0; it’s honestly mind-blowing. As Will Speed noted at the end of our shoot, “The only disabilities we have are the ones that our minds create to keep us from becoming what we are meant to be.” Helping one another overcome disabilities/weaknesses, whether they are physical or mental in nature, is how progression happens…both in wakeboarding and in life.