You heard it right folks, get your dose of 9.5 today! This issue is Hot! So HOT indeed that we had to flame proof the pages in order to get shipping approval from the Fire Department. Issue 9.5 reads best between the hours of 9 and 11 Am over a cup of Joe while sitting atop the heavenly waters we term: "The Office." Whether it be on the boat dock, in the boat or on some other device that floats, you'd better have your boots strapped tight before you open these pages to reveal the beauty within, because your desire to ride will erupt within seconds.


What to Look For?


We're glad you asked…

On page 50 take the VIP tour through the minds of the Hyperlite team as they reveal their deepest, darkest, and dirtiest secrets regardig the shooting of their new team video "ReWritten." With Riders like Jimmy lariche, Rusty Malinoski, Erik Ruck (the world's best free-rider) and Chris O-O-O-O'Shea, your bound to strain your lower back jumping off the couch in awe of this action packed thriller.


Next up take a trip to the volunteer state, better known as Tennessee. Jeff House and Photographer Jason Lee bring you the insider's scoop on the nations best kept secret (and may or may not skin a deer somewhere in between). Find out where and when to see cletus the tube loving sumbitch and his brother ted, the amazing Sea Ray wave making mad man. 


Have you ever dreamed of spending a week in the woods with 5 dudes and a couple of wakeboards? Head up to the middle of nowhere, Canada and kick it at James Balzers place for a bit of soul searching and an indoor high jump party. Need we say more?


Finally, turn to "the Dustpan" to find out why you are no different than the celebrities featured within this magazine. Yes we had to hide out in tool sheds and yes we climbed several trees, but we got the shots to give you proof that Pro Wakeboarders are really JUST LIKE US!!!!