So I’m sure all of you loyal readers are wondering what everybody in the wakeboard industry is doing for Labor Day.  Well, I took it upon myself to call some of the sport’s icons and see what they were up to.  
Danny Harf-  No specific plans, just returned home from a trip and wants to chill this weekend.  Danny also hinted that a possible Sunday Fun Day might be in the works, along with a possible beach trip.  Have fun Dan.
Ben Greenwood-  Benny G just flew in from Michigan and is excited to be home.  Ben plans on riding early in the morning all weekend before the Labor Day crowds come out.  He leaves for Worlds on Tuesday and wants to make sure he gets as much time on the water as possible.  
Jacob Valdez- Jacob will also be training for Worlds this weekend at home on Canyon Lake.  On a side note, Jacob started high school this past week and joined the Water Polo team.  As a result, he is also going to spend the weekend burning in the thighs so he doesn’t look so goofy in a Speedo.  Good luck with that Jake.
Jason Mendes- Mendes’ grandma is in town and ready to party for Labor Day.  Jason, being the wonderful grandson that he is, is letting grandma sleep on his bed.  Mendes spent today at Bed Bath and Beyond buying a quality air mattress on which he will sleep for the next week.
Kevin Henshaw-  This is the phone conversation I had with Kevin
              Me: “Hey Henny, I was just wondering what you’re up to for Labor Day Weekend?”
              Henshaw: “When’s that?”
              Me: “It’s right now.”
              Henny: “Oh.  Well I just flew home and I leave in six hours with Watson for a rail jam.”
              Me:  “That’s rad.  Where’s the rail jam?”
              Henny:  “I’m not sure.  It’s like a state or two away from Atlanta.  They don’t tell me anything.  I just got the plane ticket a few days ago.”
             Me: “Nice, well good luck at the rail jam.”
             Henny: “Thanks.”
Josh Cantor: Hosting his weekly Freeride Friday event and then renting jet skis to tourists all weekend long at the Carlsbad Lagoon.
Don Wallace:  Don didn’t pick up my phone call, but I was informed by his wife that he was flying home from meetings in Seattle.  Here is what the conversation probably would have sounded like:
   “Hey Danny, it’s Don.  I just got home from meetings and now I have ten minutes off before I have to go to a meeting and then I have to plan presentations for future meetings so Liquid Force can eventually take over the world.”  
  Wallace is one of the hardest working people in wakeboarding and you can bet he isn’t taking much time to relax this time of year.  
Silas Thurman:  Silas is spending the weekend shooting photos and video with the Nike 6.0 team and Josh Letchworth in Florida.  Silas also wanted everyone to know that as of last Wednesday night he is now a resident of Orlando as is living with Kevin
Henshaw.  Two Nike 6.0 team managers under one roof?  I can’t even imagine how many pairs of sweet kicks are in that house.
Joey Meddock-  "Finishing up the Expo booth on Labor Day…yahoo."
Now you know what everyone else is doing, so it’s time for you to get off the couch and go do something yourself.  Happy Labor Day!