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In 1968 Herb O’Brien started his dream of a waterman’s sanctuary where the best athletes in skiing would swerve, jump and trick in his backyard at Radar Lake outside of Seattle, WA. Over the next 6 years he designed countless new products there, records were shattered, and despite the random hospital runs everybody had a blast living out the new lifestyle of watersports.

Fast forward a 1/4 of a century later starting in the early 2000’s and Radar became a blank canvas for a new group of riders using the lake to build some of the biggest features that have ever gone down in wakeboarding. A lot of our pros at that time would fly up to Seattle for the better part of the summer designing, building, and shredding uncharted rails that we now see years later mimicked in contests or cable parks around the world. For years we have been looking for the next secret spot for our professional water sports misfits, the head office for our R&D crew, and a place that some diehard Ronix fans will be able to check out each year.

Hard to say for sure what will be the next chapter in riding but we plan on having it going down at our new 210 acre compound – Lake Ronix.

Bigger step downs and double ups in our private aquatic research center, but most importantly a new mission for progression.

In loving memory and dedication of the most important person in our industry my Dad – Herb O’Brien.

Hope to see you out there some day,

– Paul

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