Summer is here, the lakes are ready, and so is Lake Area Watersports! In the past year LAW, located in Melrose has completed an addition to their pro shop and have also successfully started selling World Record Towboats; Ski Nautiques. This summer is the start of a Summer Wake Series to motivate and celebrate the sport of Wakeboarding. The event was held at the Lake Hampton Bed and Breakfast located off Highway 301-7 miles south of Starke, FL. Sponsors included Asbury Independent, Liquid Force, Jet Pilot, Spy Optic, Straight Line, Cobian, The Real Estate Gallery, Corda-Roy’s, and WWA. There were ten divisions and thirty-four riders’ rode in the competition. Everyone was allowed two passes and two falls on their 1500 ft run between two buoys. There was also a slider for the more advanced riders. Great prizes were given to all division winners, including prize money for the pro shop. The next two Summer Wake Series events will also be held at the Hampton Bed and Breakfast on Saturday, July 14th and Saturday, August 11th.  For each event, riders accumulate points and at the end of the series will be given additional prizes for the “end of the year tournament champions”. Each event registration starts @ 7:30AM and the first rider off the dock @ 9AM.  On Saturday, June 30th, separate from the Summer Wake Series will be an additional event located at Gator Landing (181 S Hwy 17-East Palatka). For more information and to register for upcoming events contact,, or call 352.475.3434.




Novice 5-8~ 1st Lauren Hovsepian

Novice 9-12 ~ 1st Caroline Still

                     2nd Jake Still

                     3rd Bella Biwer

Novice 13+ ~ 1st Dillon Varnadore

Intermediate 13+ (5riders) ~ 1st Kyle Varnadore

                                          2nd Chris Carmody

                                         3rd Wade Hirschman

Women (5 riders) ~ 1st Lauren Collins

                             2nd Autumn Kirchner

                             3rd Tara Hovsepian

Wakeskate (5riders) ~ 1st Kyle McCutcheon

                                  2nd Sam Langley

                                  3rd Justine Parker

Advanced (5riders) ~ 1st Nolan Myers

                               2nd Evan Done

                               3rd Cliff Phillips

Outlaw (9riders) ~ 1st Jarrett Graff

                           2nd Wade Bramlitt

                           3rd Jeff Langley