Liquid Force, their team, and the crew at the Carlsbad lagoon put on the first of ten Slide Shows today. If you’ve been living under a rock, this series of rail jams and double up events is replacing the famous Liquid Force Trip Across America for the 2006 season and it’s running every couple of weeks at different locations until the end of September. Generally these are LF team demos with an amateur qualifying round at each event and the first nine of these events are qualifiers for the final event in Houston. Easier said, one amateur from each of the first nine events will qualify for the finale in Huston.

With little else on the calendar this weekend the LF team showed up in force. Including; Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Ben Greenwood, Collin Harrington, Keith Lyman, Gregg Necrason, Tino Santori, Amber Wing, Melissa Marquardt, and Aaron Reed.

The guys at the Lagoon and the LF team did a great job setting up this little Saturday afternoon party. Honestly I was leery about how this was going to look and how well attended it was going to be, but all questions were laid to rest as I walked down the hill and saw the crowd and the set up. The rail set up looked fun- that is to say this crew made the set up look fun, which is the idea with the whole thing. All of the guys and girls made the relatively long stretch and drop from the parking lot to the lagoon look easy, but at over 40 ft it was no slip and slide. Notable moves were Shane and Keith 180ing the entire distance from pool to lagoon over one of the rails, Aaron Reed back lipping the flat rail, Watson going 7, 9, 7 on his three double ups respectively and Shane booting one of the largest three’s I have ever seen.

The event was a fun way to spend the afternoon while spending time with some good people who also ride wakeboards and wakeskates really well. I highly recommend making your way to the Slide Show closest to your hometown this summer.

The rest of the Slide Show schedule is as follows –

May 20th – KCWatersports/Sitzmark
June 9-11th – Lake Powell – BROSTOCK
June 16-17 – Minneapolis
June 24-25 – Atlanta – Ambush
June 30-July 2  – SLC – Marine Products
July 21-23 – Portland – Active Watersports
Aug 18-20 – Sacramento – Copes
Sept 2-3 – Orlando – Performance
Sept 29 – Houston – M2 Sports