May…Melissa’s Month
Constantly pushing wakeboarding with a unique style has always been Melissa Marquardt’s motivation.  She’s respected among the wakeboard community for her great attitude as well as her riding.  Her product ideas, including the first high-end women’s boot, The Minx, have helped grow the sport tremendously, as she’s helped with more designs than any other female rider.  Heck… we thought she was so cool that we’ve dedicated the entire month of May to Melissa Marquardt.  Check your Liquid Force calendar to see what we’re talking about.
Slide Show at Carlsbad Lagoon…BOOYAA!
The word BOOYAA is thrown around pretty loosely these days…in fact on April 29th it echoed though the Kicker PA system all day long.  Liquid Force is here to set some official guidelines if you choose to follow them.  It’s pretty simple: plan out a RAD event and call it the Slide Show… Team up with a solid crew like Wakesports and California Watersports…Invite some local amateur riders, as well as the best pro riders in the world, some paparazzi and industry honchos…. Next and most importantly, have a ton of screaming fans come together for a successful event.  If you follow these guidelines, you’re guaranteed to have as much fun as everyone had in Carlsbad. If you missed out and want to see what went down, go to
See you at Kansas City for the next Slide Show event You’re all invited to what is guaranteed to be another great weekend of fun!
First to land a 720…ladies and gentleman…Amber Wing
At the recent Carlsbad Slide Show, Amber Wing easily became a crowd favorite with her RELENTLESS dedication to attempting what no woman rider had ever done… the 720.  She opted to pass on her double up portion of the demo and had the Malibu pull her straight while attempting numerous toe side 720’s.  Everyone stood and cheered as she pushed herself and the sport of wakeboarding. Although she barely missed landing it that day, she came very close… we knew she was going to stomp one sooner than later…
Well, as fortune would have it, day’s later the camera was on as Amber Wing made history…check out the video to see her stomp the first 720 so clean we’re already claiming she’ll be stomping the 900 soon enough.  We can’t wait to see her video part in LF Films “The Truth”.  
May’s Pro-Play list
Ben Greenwood and Aaron Reed put their favorite jams on their Liquid Tunes waterproof player and get in the groove.  We’ve listed the jams that get them motivated to ride at .   Let’s just say its right up there with David Hasselhoff’s greatest hits…   
Aaron Reed LTD Pro Deck in stores now!!!
His 42” pro model deck will be pressed with a limited edition graphic and is hitting stores right now!  For dealer locations and more product info, visit will only be 400 available … when they’re gone, they’re gone!
Black Top Oasis…May 14
One of the first events of its kind, the Black Top Oasis has the industry buzzing with excitement for the second year in a row.  For good reason…check out the video of the rails the top riders in the world are hitting at Liquid Force as a title sponsor will have plenty of riders such as Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Mike Ennen, Keith Lyman, and Melissa Marquardt on hand to display their skills as well as sign autographs and enjoy the festivities.  The rail shredding contest is May 14th and starts 4p.m. rocking out until 10p.m.  Stop by and celebrate wakeboarding on Mother’s Day.
Liquid Force is the official board sponsor for the Hippodrome event that Collin Wright and Silas Thurman will be putting on.  The second annual Hippodrome contest goes down June 24 and 25 at Koppert Lake, Active Watersports private lake in Washington. The contest will be a pro wakeskate festival… just like last year. Also featured will be cash prizes, rail jams and live bands. Everyone is invited to stay the whole weekend. For general questions, anyone can contact Collin or Silas at It was a blast last year and is expected to be even bigger and more fun this year!
Bloggin’ back to Cali…LF Films updates
Justin has become one with his work.  He spends an uncomfortable amount of time with his camera yet some how finds time to update you with LF Films shenanigans at While there check out the teaser that leaked out since Justin has been locked in the editing room …LF team video “The Truth” is coming soon.  
Take a vacation with our bro’s and brah’s… Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Kevin Henshaw, Aaron Reed, Keith Lyman, Danny Hampson, Melissa Marquardt, Amber Wing and more will be there to join us in the fun called Bro-Stock, June 9th-11th. Book your houseboat with Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas, out of Wahweap Marina, at 1-800-207-8364, or on .  The LF discount code is H30011.  More details (exact location on the lake, day’s activities, etc…) on .
DVS Spring Break
Jim Leatherman, Juston Tucker, Myles Vickers, and all of our friends at DVS Wake are pretty much known for having a good time.  Their Spring Break trip to Havasu definitely didn’t disappoint.  While there, they spent a good amount of time on the LF party Essentials… the Party Island and the Party Couch.  In the words of Jim… “The Party Couch’s maiden voyage was clearly a success!”…  For more photos and a pretty entertaining video featuring the “Flying Party Couch”, be sure to check out .
Free Trip
Time for your weekly reminder…Every person that buys a 2006 LF board or binding will be able to enter into our sweepstakes for a free, week-long houseboat rental, courtesy of Liquid Force and Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas.  All that you have to do is fill out a postcard that can be picked up at a local shop, attach your proof of purchase with it, and send it back to us at LF by the middle of September, 2006.  You can also enter at for the chance to win a trip every wakeboarder has dreamed of.
That is it for this week… stay tuned… we’ll have more hot LF action to bring you next week!