So yesterday my morning started out with Tony bashing on my door at eight in the morning with a DVD and a $3.00 gift certificate to Cold Stone. So I decided to do some laundry and then Staker gave me a call to see if I wanted to go out to Matt Manzari’s house to write up a story. Two thumbs up and a phone call to Josh “J-man” McWilliams and then we were good. The trip was long ‘cause we got lost and had to turn back around to meet up with Matt M. But before meeting we decided to go to Chic Filet and then Matt M. called us and said he had lunchmeats for us to eat. Another two thumbs up. We got to his family’s home and Mrs. Manzari is whipping up an insane lunch. To be honest, I didn’t want to stop eating, but I had to. So the reason we were out there – Staker is filming Matt M. for a Fuel show, not Pull, but a new show on Fuel. The show will feature grom rippers from all the actions sports and Matt Manzari is definitely one of those, his riding is really good and the best part about it is that it looks like he’s having a great time while doing it. It was a great day – good riding, good company and some dock fishing. The show is called New Pollution and will start airing the first part of ’07. Josh, Staker and Myself would like to thank the Manzari family for the hospitality.