How often do you get a chance to do an all girls trip out to the lake? Well this past weekend was the Lake Elsinore Maven Session where girls of all ages and abilities did just that. With girls like 16 year old Nicola Butler tearing up the Pro Tour, (placing 1st yet again this past weekend in Phoenix–that’s four consecutive wins) there has definitely been a boost in the number of females becoming involved with wakeboarding and wakeskating. Maven Clinics, which go on throughout the summer, have been very successful at getting girls more excited to be a part of it all. 


So this past weekend I headed up to Lake Elsinore to see exactly what a Maven Session was all about. Before the event started I was able to talk with a few of the girls who showed up. I was surprised how far some of them had traveled to come to this event and how many had never even been wakeboarding before. It was awesome to see the interest that these girls had in something they had never even done before.  


The Session started out with an intro to the ’08 Liquid Force Maven line and then we got hooked up with our very own setup for the day. We even got to “demo” Oakley’s new line of sunnys. After everyone got all set up we loaded the MasterCraft X-Star boats. Talk about a treat for the new rippers… we had such a good wake and even a private channel at Lake Elsinore for the day. On top of that, we were being coached by Stef Tor and Andrea Fountain. All the girls were super stoked to see Andrea take a set (and tear it up) at the session’s end. I would say the day was a huge success as every girl got up and out of the water, some landing tricks they had never done before and some simply perfected their skills on the board.  


With the only Y-chromosomes of the day being dads, husbands and brothers watching from the shore it is safe to say that it was the girls that were shredding it up… 


Special thanks to:  California Skier – For the boats and drivers. 

Oakley Sunglasses – For the sweet goody bags and sunnys for the day. 

And of course… Liquid Force Maven – For yet again an awesome day and event.