Monster Energy’s New “MIXXD” – Never Has A Little Bit Of Everything Tasted So Good!
Inspired by a party-friendly “Jungle Juice” concoction, Monster MIXXD rages on throughout college campuses

CORONA, Calif., (March 17, 2008) – Your freshman year in college. There’s knock at your dorm room door. You set down “Intro to Biology 101,” roll out of your bean bag chair, navigate your roommate’s clutter and open the door.

“Hey, we’re having a Jungle Juice party down on our floor tonight and were wondering if you want to come hang out,” says this attractive girl, surrounded by a group of her hot friends.

Reality check: You’re cramming for a major exam tomorrow at 8 a.m. and you’ve got three more chapters to read.

“Damn! I’ve got a test and…” She interrupts: “Here, this’ll help you out. It’s what we’re putting into the Jungle Juice, sans the Jungle, you know? See you tonight!”

In your hand is the latest offering from Monster Energy. A black and purple can with a bunch of natural juices and flavors tossed together…F-NA, it’s a masterpiece.

“MIXXD is the latest brainstorm from the mind of Monster Man, Mark Hall (President),” said Geoff Bremmer, Monster Brand Manager. “Similar to the random soda fountain concoction we’ve all made ourselves at some point, MIXXD combines Monster’s energy blend with real juices and unexpected flavors for an incredible taste you can’t really describe and the Monster buzz you won’t deny.”

MIXXD is a curiously delicious blend of sweet-tasting juices with a levitating dose of Original Monster Energy. The awesome concoction in the purple Monster Energy-size can applies a buzz guaranteed to keep your senses tack sharp while you party, er, study. But what else would you expect from a company that has set standards and shattered all preconceptions regarding energy drinks and generous servings for consumers? Try it out and tell us what you think.

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