Ahoy Mates! I just returned from 7 days at sea, and I am convinced that the United States is actually just a huge land mass floating freely on the waters surface. It really does feel like I'm still swaying back and forth as I stand on this "solid ground." Anyways, the point is that while out in the Pacific, I realized that there is a huge lack in the use of nautical terms in wakeboarding. We should really strive to use words like bow, stern, port, starboard, dock lines, skull, galley, head, and captain on a more regular basis.

    In other news, Sylus Thurman is in Orlando yet again, still debating whether or not he can handle the UV rays and water creatures on a permanent basis. If anyone in Orlando happens to run into him, make sure you give him st leasy 3 good reasons to live in the house of the mouse.

Keep it safe now ya hear!