Well, things went pretty much as we predicted in the Day 3 recap after Saturday’s riding. Cory Teunissen grabbed the top spot in the Junior Pro Men division with a run that would have likely earned him a spot in the finals of Pro Men. Fellow Australian rider, Parker Siegele, finished right on Cory’s heels; their scores were separated by a margin of .25. It’s going to be super fun watching these two young rippers battle it out for the Junior title this season. Also, as we expected after watching the Saturday round, Meagan Ethell dominated Pro Women after landing a textbook handle-pass KGB and solid back to back heel 5’s. We were stoked to see Meagan come out so strong after being held back by injuries the last couple seasons. Reed Hansen did work in the wakeskate division, snagging his 4th Wake Games title. Lastly, we got to see a very interesting Pro Men finals thanks to the new overall impression format that stresses creativity, amplitude, and variety. The top three in Pro Men (Dean, Harley, and Rusty respectively) were separated by only three points. All three rode insane, but it was Dean’s run that stood out among the rest thanks to a nose heel 7 into the flats (first trick nonetheless).

Thanks to Nautique and Rockstar for getting the wake season rolling with such a rad Pro-Am style event!