It’s here and it is HOT! That’s right it’s issue 9.7 and for this issue we decided to do a soccer cover. The only difference from ours and ESPN’s is that ours has Erik Ruck sliding the top of the goal.


Flip inside to “the Inside” interview to find out why Aaron Grace is losing his hair and what it takes to be the tannest man at bro-stock.


Ben Horan speaks to us in his first Alliance Interview about Remote wakeskates, winching his backyard pool setup, and why the boat is simply not his style. Over half of his wardrobe is tie-dyed and soon his mustache will be too.


New Zealand is a beautiful place. This is exactly the reason Ronnie Romero decided to take riders Keith Lidberg, JD Webb, Jeff Weatherall and Aaron Rathy there to wrap up the shooting of “Global Warning.” Rathy Landed a 1080 and JD ate more meat pie’s than Lidberg and Jeff could count…


Also in this issue we check in to find out who did what at the second Wake Lab in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s the most innovative contest wakeboarding has seen and it’s backed by the one and only Red Bull. If you must know, Parks received an award.


In our Coming Up interview we get to know the Projects rail coach Nate Perry. He’s arguably one of the best rail riders in the world and we have the pictures to prove it. Just don’t email him about anything that is time sensitive because he’s not a surfer when it comes to the web.