I can’t believe I wasn’t invited, but those are the rules, and the rules were no dudes. Tuesday out at Stef Tor’s new place two handfuls of wake girls all got together to kick it, eat, laugh, share, ride and have some cocktails.

“I had to leave before the pillow fight in teddies, but the rest of the day was awesome. The only difference I noted was that they have soy products AND Beer in the fridge and guys have just beer. Also, way more shoes … like crazy Imelda Marcos shoes everywhere. They rip hard and talk about wakeboarding and wakeskating as much as the hombres. More hugging too, which, of course was very nice.” — An email quote from photographer Todd McLennan.

Maybe next year I’ll get my invite or I can be live entertainment – you know, mowing the lawn, pushing a wheelbarrow around the yard or hauling rocks with my shirt off.