There are lots of cable contests in Europe because they don’t have as many boats as we do in North America. They do have a lot of cables and thus a lot of cable contests. This one — the Nokia Wakeboard Open that was held in Feldkirchen, Austria last weekend — looks like the best cable contest ever. They painted a shark on the side of their rail for God’s sake, why haven’t we thought of that first? Don’t you get kind of bummed when some other country does something first that’s cool? Like when the Russians beat us to space. Well, I’ve got news for you, pretty much everything in Europe is cooler than here. Don’t get me wrong, we’re awesome, but they’re cool. At least the cool people are, much cooler than us. But now that I think about it, everywhere in Europe those people are pretty much balanced out by a lot of people in Speedos.
    Oh, and Rob Mapp, do you know who he is? He’s a guy from Florida that is pretty much considered one of the world’s best cable riders and he’s been going to contests all over Europe for years making a living doing this. They call him the Cable Guy, seriously. He came in third in this event next to Daniel Pyne from Australia and Bernard Hinterberger who is like the best German cable rider in the centuries-old history of cable riding in Germany.
    Ben Greenwood and Mike Ennen were on hand for the event. See them in those pictures? They came in second and first, respectively, in the Boat Jam Session held to please the crowd of 7,000 spectators. Man, if I were them I would just travel the world doing boat jam sessions and getting paid for it. Wait, that’s what they do. Anyways, it looks like Nokia is doing well and they know how to buy flags.