Well here I am, in Florida. It is not sunny as I had hoped, but it is warm. And while the north of the state was somewhat crushed by tornadoes last night, and the rain was coming down so hard it woke me up, Orlando is still doing well.

Today I headed out to fair Groveland to shoot some photos with Reed Hansen. All is well at the Hansen compound. We stopped by his brother Trevor’s new crib. Trevor’s roommate Aaron Rathy had family in town, and they headed out to do some wakeshralping as well. Apparently Rathy landed his first toeside 9 on the wake. He was strapped in, obviously.

Trevor wasn’t riding due to a mystery stiff neck suffered the other day, but he was working on some speaker installations. I’m heading back to G-land tomorrow, but for tonight I am back in O-town (hey, that would be a great name for a band!) and we’re going to get pizza.