For the past few months on the site and in the mag, we've been discussing, sharing, promoting and even telling you the season has begun. For me it really has begun, I'm on my season opener trip to KC for the annual Liquid Force KC Watersports Relentless weekend. I share this trip annually with friend and Alliance Art Director, William Lawthor. This also means I have some good flight time to fire up itunes and watch current video offerings. Right now, Lakia's skate film Fully Flared, the Gumball 3000 and Oakley's Push Process seem to be on rotation. Which brings me to my next set of banter.

The season starter isn't just about things getting warm, it's about new opportunities for fun. There's the annual groove and then there is the quest for something new. If gas is an issue, figure out how to wakeskate behind a PWC. If gas isn't an issue, go on a wakeboarding vacation. If gas motors are an issue all together, go try a cable park. What ever you decide to do this season, look at the entire scope of offerings and try something new.

The travel section in The Push Process gives plenty of fun examples.