The ultimate skate. We wanted to bring something totally new to the wakeskate market, but we also wanted a face to go with it, Stu Shinn. After countless talks and testing sessions with Stu the Onset has been delivered. We created three layers of the Skate. The top sheet is shaped straight from a skateboard. It has three layers of poplar laminate formed with a true concave top as well as larger kick tails for better ollie response. We then use a seven ply bottom flat deck for stiffness needed to keep the rocker pattern in shape. In between the top and bottom wood layers is a tri-density foam pad that creates the rebound needed to add the snap off the wake making wake-to-wake tricks bigger than anything and anyone else. With the top deck using the rebound of the foam, the Onset is the best responding wake-to-wake deck on the market. The first bi-level design to incorporate a tri-density foam between the layers will change the face of wakeskating. If you don't believe us just check out what Stu has done on the Onset this year in the attached sequence.

Size: 42
Weight: 8.8 lbs
Rocker: 1.57
Waist: 15.60
Tip/Tail Width: 10.90
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