Orakei Korako, New Zealand, March 20-24 2005 – Geothermal activity does some amazing things to the world. In fact, they say that in 200 million years or so, all of the continents will have merged together and the only thing separating North America, Europe and South America, will be some small ocean basins that got pushed into the middle. Similarly, and to the dismay of many folks in rival Australia and New Zealand, our two countries may one day be united. This is true – I believe. Anyways, for a few days at the end of March, the almost painfully scenic resort of The Hidden Valley was commandeered by a group of professional wakeskaters. I’m not saying who went…fine. Last names only. Reed, Horrell, Grubb and Byerly – there, are you happy? Read the story and look at the pictures – it’s good. August 2005, page 96.